Finding the Business Case

De Balie, Amsterdam.
During The 3D-Print Week

8 June 2015

Past event

About the Conference

3D printing is all over the media. Many businesses and organizations have already expressed interest in the prospect of this phenomenon. Despite of the low current expertise in the industry arena 3D Printing is poised to become a unique manufacturing method to be incorporated in modelling and production processes in any part of the economy.

Next to existing production methods additive manufacturing (AM) will attain a regular place within the production cyclus. However, the initial investments for industrial 3D printing are high, whereas the developments in materials, software and the technology itself remain high paced, probably a bit too fast to follow.

Furthermore the knowledge level about 3D printing in the majority of organizations is rather low. Yet, companies want to make a move. What is the right angle? Where to start? Who to partner with? Which software, which technology and which products? But most of all: how to find the business case?

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A complete day filled with great inspiring talks and presentations including lunch and drinks with great networking oppertunities and more.



Get insight in various business models with 3D-printing trough talks and presentations of inspiring speakers from all over the world.



We approach many business models and business cases from various angles such as, materials, technology, design and more.

"3D-printing unlocks an entirely new level of design, allowing us to elevate design within the company to ensure we bring consumers the best in both performance and design."
- Robbert Demartini (CEO New Balance)


This schedule will be constantly updated

Plenary Part I
10:00am - 10:30am
Coffee and Registration
Venue: Entrance & Cafe/Bar De Balie
10:30am - 10:40am
Opening 3D-Print Conference Amsterdam
Venue: Auditorium
This is the official opening of the 3D-Print Conference Amsterdam: Finding the Business Case
10:40am - 11:00am
3D Printing trends
Simona FerrariCommunity Manager of 3D Hubs
Venue: Auditorium
3D Hubs is world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers. By connecting everyone to nearby 3D Printer owners, 3D Hubs is accelerating a future of local and on-demand production. Our network consists of 17,000 printing locations worldwide, providing over one billion people access to a 3D printer within 10 miles of their home.

Simona Ferrari is Community Manager of 3D Hubs, world's largest network of 3D printers. She started dealing with 3D printers from 2013, when she became 3D Hubs Community Manager for Italy. Her goal is to make craftsmen and designers understanding new forms of production and distribution arising with the boom of 3D printers. She graduated with a work on "How meetups can affect the online traffic in early stages of a startup".
11:00am - 11:30am
Keynote 2
Prof. Frank PillerProfessor management and scholar of mass customization & open innovation, University of Aachen (Germany) & Co-director of the MIT Smart Customization Group
Venue: Auditorium
Frank Piller is a professor in innovation management at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. He also is a co-director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. His research focuses on value co-creation between businesses and customers/users. Frequently quoted in The New York Times, The Economist, and Business Week, amongst others, Frank is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on mass customization, personalization, and open innovation. His blog,, is the premier source of information on mass customization and customer driven value creation.

As a founding partner of Think Consult, a management consultancy, he helps his clients to serve their customers better by using truly customer-centric strategies. Frank Piller has consulted and delivered executive workshops for more than fifty companies, including Adidas, Bank of America, Bertelsmann, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Dell, Lego, Lectra, Masterfoods, or Siemens. As a member of the board of directors or as an investor, he also actively participates in shaping a number of mass customization businesses.
11:30am - 12:00pm
Keynote 3
Peter-Paul de LeeuwSenior Consultant Accenture
Venue: Auditorium
The Value of 3D-Printing and Mass Customization.
12:00pm - 12:30pm
Panel: Hacking the Value Chain
Prof. Frank PillerProfessor management and scholar of mass customization & open innovation, University of Aachen (Germany) & Co-director of the MIT Smart Customization Group
Simona FerrariCommunity Manager of 3D Hub
Onno PonfoortSenior Consultant Berenschot
Peter-Paul de LeeuwSenior Consultant Accenture
Venue: Auditorium
More info coming soon.
12:30pm - 13:30pm
Lunch and networking
Venue: Cafe/Bar De Balie

Parallel Session 1: Design, Tech & Materials

13:30pm - 14:05pm
Making a difference / A difference in making
Marta Malé-AlemanyArchitect, Researcher & Curator in Digital Design & Fabrication Technologies
Venue: Room 1
Curator Marta Malé-Alemany presents her latest exhibtion, produced by Belgian company Materailise. MAKING A DIFFERENCE / A DIFFERENCE IN MAKING explores the added value of 3D Printing for the lives of individuals, our society and the environment. It features 3D-printed works of art, design, engineering and scientific fields by renowned artists, designers, public initiatives and prestigious research institutions, as well as by unknown innovative makers. The exhibition looks at 3D Printing with both the eyes of fascination and a deeper observation of its consequences: visitors discover a production technology that allows us to make things differently, and also ponder how it can help individuals, enable social changes and positively contribute to the environment. In other words, how 3D Printing is making a difference.

MARTA MALÉ-ALEMANY is an architect, researcher and curator specialized in digital design and fabrication technologies.
She has over 17 years of academic experience teaching architecture in the US and Europe, at universities and schools such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), AA School of Architecture London, International School of Architecture in Barcelona (ESARQ-UIC) and Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). She has founded and directed several Master and Post-Graduate programs in architecture, and is currently appointed to be an External Program Reviewer for several schools across Europe.

Marta’s work, in both academic and professional domains, follows a research-oriented and integrated approach involving digital design and manufacturing. Under her direction, students from several international schools have developed novel material solutions and experimental building methods, involving the use of natural and experimental materials, the construction of DIY devices to hack existing CNC machines, and the use of industrial robotic equipment. Her own design practice and consultancy for other firms specializes in applying these technologies for the production of bespoke interior designs, large-scale installations and architectural applications. Following her interest in design and technology, she has curated several 3D Printing exhibitions, and created specific museum programs with temporary exhibitions, conferences, and educational workshops.

Marta obtained her architecture diploma from ETSAV-UPC (1996), holds a Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in NYC (1997) and is a PhD candidate at the ETSAB-UPC. Her doctoral thesis investigates the potential of large-scale 3D Printing technology to innovate industrial design and building construction.
14:05pm - 14:30pm
3D Chef - We play with our food
Julian SingFounder 3dChef
Venue: Room 1
3dChef is a Dutch based B2B focused innovation company in the field of 3d printed food production and development.

We began this journey with the development of a printer that produces 3d models using sugar with intricate details. This direction is our current main focus. Working together with leading confectionery companies to develop next generation candies, sweets and decorative decorations for the pastry industry.

Alongside sweets we also conduct research and development into other potential food sorts and develop technology in order to do so.

3dChef is a combination of our professional lives in Additive manufacturing, Biology and UI design with those of our hobbies as cooks and pastry chefs.
14:30pm - 14:55pm
Gilian SchroferDesigner, co-founder, partner & creative director at CONCERN
Venue: Room 1
Concern is an Amsterdam based design bureau with spatial designers with a preference for interiors. Concern is more of a network than a traditional bureau. Out of a steady core of designers and architects, they create the best possible team to confront each central question. In this way their clients get the most effective and inspiring mix of creative talent and proven experience.
CONCERN came up with ‘SUPERMODELS’; a travelling exhibition about Dutch Design with 3D printed scale models. The kick-off took place in Milan and was a big success.

SUPERMODELS offers an overview of the Dutch Design tradition across various disciplines; Architecture, Interior and Product Design. Iconic works from modern day product & interior designers are shown in context against earlier examples from the time of Rietveld and Berlage. Furthermore, by placing these designs into the context of dolls houses (scales 1:6, 1:12, 1:18) the exhibition plays into the heart and soul of a worldwide audience.
14:55pm - 15:35pm
Customize Me! - 3D Printing Customization in Fashion, Lifestyle & Healthcare Products
Victor Luis PortesFounder & Brand Communication Specialist of Dutch Catwalk 3D Printing Consultancy & Fashion Innovation Platform
Venue: Room 1
This session we will focus on the impact that 3D Printing & Customization will have in the Fashion, Lifestyle and Healthcare market segments. As a tangible case study Victor Portes will discuss the Silhouette-à-Porter™ 3D Printed Bra Inlays, a joint venture project being developed in cooperation with Assembl3D and Marilinge.

About the Speaker:
Victor Luis Portes is Founder & Brand Communication Specialist of Dutch Catwalk 3D Printing Consultancy & Fashion Innovation Platform and in addition he also currently Design Teacher at the International School in Almere part International Baccalaureate.

Dutch Catwalk is a 3D Printing Consultancy & Fashion Innovation Platform dedicated to servicing and partnering with leading Fashion Industry Innovators and stakeholders who have the vision, and understand that the future lies in finding new ways to manage the impact that 3D Printing Technology will have in their companies and customers.

A New Yorker at heart and renowned world traveler, Victor has over 20 years experience in the areas of Experiential Design, Branded Environments, In-store Retail Communication 2D & 3D, Strategy and Concept Development, UX / UI Design for brands such as KLM, EON Energy; Triumph, Douglas, LÓreal Paris, PUMA, Mexx, Clavin Klein, Helly Hansen Workwear MGX by Materialise, KLM, Sony, HP, Philips, CAR2GO, Globus Supermarkets and Heineken.
15:35pm - 16:00pm
Venue: Cafe/Bar De Balie

Coffee & Tea Break

Parallel Session 2: Business Models, Brands & Business Cases

13:30pm - 13:55pm
Frits FeenstraSmart Industry Agenda, European technology Sub-platform in Additive Manufacturing
Venue: Auditorium
13:55pm - 14:20pm
Getting towards standards
Gerrit Kool Senior R&D manager at The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR)
Venue: Auditorium

The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) is the independent knowledge enterprise in the Netherlands on aerospace. The overall mission is making air transport and space exploration safer, more sustainable and more efficient. NLR’s multidisciplinary approach focuses on developing new and cost effective technologies for aviation and space, from design support to production technology and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul).

NLR has a great expertise when it comes to the 3D-printing of metal components for aerospace implementations.
14:20pm - 14:45pm
Sweet Spots for 3D Printing - Recognising Profitable and Durable Applications
Maarten ValckenaersSales Manager Northern and Southern Europe at Materialise
Venue: Auditorium

Materialise is a world leader of 3D printing software solutions and sophisticated Additive Manufacturing services in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, art and design and consumer products. Our software solutions optimize the 3D printing process, convert medical imaging data and link applications to a wide range of 3D printers and technologies.
14:45pm - 15:10pm
Additive Manufacturing - from Prototyping to Industrial Production
Ludwig ShultheissKey Account Manager, Medical/Dental, EOS GmbH, Germany
Venue: Auditorium

EOS (Germany) is the world's leading manufacturer of laser-sintering systems, and systems for flexible and cost-efficient production of parts directly from 3D CAD data.
15:10pm - 15:35pm
3D Printing: Hype and myths
Rene GrootheddeDirector Rapid Manufacturing Center
Venue: Auditorium

More info coming soon.
15:35pm - 16:00pm
Venue: Cafe/Bar De Balie

Coffee & Tea Break

Plenary Part II

16:00pm - 16:30pm
Onno PonfoortSenior Consultant Berenschot
Venue: Auditorium
16:30pm - 17:00pm
Wrap up & Closing
Venue: Auditorium
Drinks & Networking
Venue: Cafe/De Balie


Our speakers will give you insight in various business models with 3D-printing throug their inspiring talks and presentations. The following are confirmed speakers of the 3D-Print Conference Amsterdam

  • Portfolio Item

    Frank Piller

    Professor management and scholar of mass customization & open innovation, University of Aachen (Germany) & Co-director of the MIT Smart Customization Group

    Portfolio Item

    Gilian Schrofer

    Designer, co-founder, partner & creative director at CONCERN.

    Portfolio Item

    RenÉ Groothedde

    Director Rapid Manufacturing Center

  • Portfolio Item

    Victor Luis Portes

    Communication Specialist of Dutch Catwalk 3D Printing Consultancy & Fashion Innovation Platform

    Portfolio Item

    Gerrit Kool

    Senior R&D manager at NLR (National Aerospace Laboratory)

    Portfolio Item

    Onno Ponfoort

    Senior managing consultant at Berenschot

  • Portfolio Item

    Marta Malé-Alemany

    Architect, Researcher & Curator in Digital Design & Fabrication Technologies

    Portfolio Item

    Simona Ferrari

    Community Manager of 3D Hubs

    Portfolio Item

    JuliAn Sing

    Founder 3dChef

  • Portfolio Item

    Peter-Paul de Leeuw

    Strategy Consultant at Accenture Strategy Consulting

    Portfolio Item

    Frits Feenstra

    Smart Industry Agenda, European technology Sub-platform in Additive Manufacturing

    Portfolio Item

    Ludwig Schultheiss

    Key Account Manager, Medical/Dental, EOS GmbH, Germany

  • Portfolio Item

    Maarten Valckenaers

    Sales Manager Northern and Southern Europe at Materialise

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